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Sushi San Prawn Mayo and Avocado
An irresistible burst of flavour. Delicious prawn mayonnaise sits alongside creamy avocado, crunchy pickled cucumber and lettuce.
Sushi rice, prawns, mayonnaise, avocado, pickled cucumber, mix of salad leaves in variable quantities (green lettuce, red lettuce, rocket, spinach), nori
Fish, Milk and Sesame.
Egg, Soy, Mustard, Cereals containing gluten, and Crustaceans
Nutritional data (/100g)
ENERGY (kJ) _______________ 607
ENERGY (kcal) ______________ 144
CARBS (g) __________________ 22.2
OF WHICH SUGARS (g) _______ 2.8
FATS (g) ____________________ 3.9
OF WHICH SFA (g) ____________ 0.5
PROTEIN (g) _________________ 4.7
FIBRE (g) ____________________ 0.9
SALT (g) _____________________ 0.25
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