Sushi with Benefits
Delicious daily goodness
With a respect for tradition and an excitement for innovation, we’ve selected great ingredients that are full of goodness and included them in our new range to give our products exciting taste and textures.

Highlights include healthy and colourful Earth Bowls (featuring salmon or avocado), spectacular Futomaki (with a salmon beetroot or a veggie option), a Superfood Menu of nine pieces, special sides of Seaweed or Power Slaw salad and even a spooky Halloween option made from black rice.

The Research behind
According to new research, despite the rise of healthy eating, four in ten Brits admit to consuming unhealthy, high-calorie food for their weekday lunches:

-> 19 percent enjoying pizza, 15 percent sitting down to a burger and fries, 11 percent tucking into sausage and chips every single working day;

-> Just under one in 10 Brits (eight percent) NEVER have fruit or veg with their lunch, while a further 17 percent confess that they hardly ever do. And only 22 percent eat fruit or veg with their lunch every day;

-> Almost a quarter of British workers (22 percent) said they wished they could eat more healthily but couldn’t afford to, 14 percent admit they binge eat at work because of boredom, and more than one in ten (11 percent) confess to feeling ashamed of their junk food lunches;

Sushi already has a reputation as a healthy alternative to foods which are higher in fat, sugar, and calories – and by producing our innovative superfood range we can help customers make healthy decisions.

Thanks to the partnership with Daniel O'Shaughnessy, Director of Nutrition at The Naked Nutritionist', we investigated the benefit behind sushi and why Japanese people have the healthiest diet in the world.

Read the full interview and learn more about the nutritional benefits behind switching to a sushi lunch.

Read the full interview
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