Sartorial Sushi styles
This week we’ve been obsessing over how we can cram more sushi into our day, and we’ve come up with a genius solution: by wearing it!

The new millennium kick-started the fashion for sushi on the catwalk, and since then we’ve been able to wear our favourite food in a number of different ways.

From the limited-edition Pleats Please Issey Miyake accessories set to ‘Wasabi Susy’ backpacks from Eastpak, it continues to be a strong look. 

Here is a selection of some tasty treats for nigiri, maki and sashimi lovers of all styles.  


Jiro Swimming Shorts

Luxe swimming shorts for the discerning sushi-loving man… and boy!

Hot Sox

Sushi Print Trouser Socks

Get your feet in on the action.


Sushi Omakase Enamel Pin Set

A set of five enameled pins to celebrate your love of all things Salmon, Tuna, Ikura, Tamago and Shrimp.