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Katsu rice with tender spicy chicken topped with green onions and sesame seeds, served with spinach mix, kimchi, pickled carrots, spicy sriracha sauce and sesame beansprouts
Katsu rice, spicy chicken, sesame beansprout, spinach mix, kimchi, pickled carrot, spicy sriracha sauce, green onion, sesame seed
Sesame, soy, gluten
traces: fish, crustaceans, milk, egg, mustard
Nutritional facts per 100g : Energy (637kJ)/(151kcal) ; Fat (4.4g) ; of which Saturated fat (0.8g) ; Carbohydrate (21g) ; of which Sugars (4.7g) ; Protein (6.2g) ; Fibre (0.8g) ; Salt (0.76g)
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